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 AQESA has exclusive distributorship in Saudi Arabia & Bahrain. We have setup a supply chain network to deliver products in all the regions of KSA.


HYUNDAI Lighting

Adds value to everyday life

Hyundai lamps range has many contents and daily we are adding new items to maximize our range and our future market share , 80% of HYUNDAI lamps items for the daily use ( homes , buildings , shops …..Est.) and 20% for Industrial and contracts use, Below you will find our contents and items and our market.

Contents  & Products:

 1.      ENERGY SAVING LAMPS.  Homes , retail shops  buildings

2.      COMPACT FLUORECENT LAMPS.  Projects , governments

3.      FLUORECENT LAMPS.    Homes , retail shops  buildings

4.      INCANDESCENT LAMPS.  Homes , retail shops  buildings

5.      HALOGEN LAMPS.     Shops , Projects , governments

6.      HIGH INTENSITY DISCHARGE LAMPS.  Projects , governments

7.      FLOODLIGHTS.  Can be use any where

8.      CONTROL GEAR.   Homes , retail shops  buildings

9.      LED LAMPS.     Projects , governments

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